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Cardio Core Connection

SWEAT! Use Pilates mind and body work with short cardio blasts to build deep strength, power and endurance with Kelley, certified Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, Personal Fitness Trainer, Dancer.

Fight Stress & Find Serenity

 Ellio is a studio that makes a long-term commitment to fitness training in the Fort Myers area. Specifically, we teach clients  safe forms of exercise that suit their specific needs for short term and long-term wellness.  We continually update our education and are committed to providing only the most competent teachers and therapists that we can find.

Pilates Mat/ Equipment

Variety of classes available: Beginners, Multi-level,

All Ages, For MS/ Parkinson's,

For Golf

Focus on alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, breath, balance and body awareness with our certified Pilates teachers.

Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi and More - is a place for movement, dedicated to teaching a wide range of fitness modalities for every level, in a secure, warm, inviting space. Please come and join us on our journey.


Vibration Meditation
Join instructor Dolores J. Gozzi as you relax, breathe, release and enjoy this self-guided personal journey through sound vibration with singing bowls and drumming. Modern medicine can now measure and confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing. Reduce your stress and experience a deep sense of peace.

Buff Bones® Pilates & More
A a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health using bone-strengthening and balance techniques, Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise. It is adaptable for all levels and safe for osteoporosis.

Ellio Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide thoughtful, responsible and appropriate teaching for people of all ages who are seeking to live healthier lives with less pain and more vigor using mind-body connecting forms of exercise such as Pilates,

Tai Chi, Foundation Training, The Miracle Ball Method, Buff Bones®,

Belly Dance and more.

Tai Chi for Fall Prevention/ Arthritis

An ancient practice proven to reduce falls and pain, to increase balance and to improve your mental & physical well-being, with certified Tai Chi teachers.

A Sample of Classes

Why Ellio?

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The Miracle Ball Method
A non-exercise approach to stress and pain relief. Work on specific areas of your body using 2 soft balls and focused breath to reduce excess tension in the muscles, allowing your body’s own alignment system to re-balance and heal.

Foundation Training

Teach your body to be the strongest it can be - for all ages, all levels, from elite athlete to sedentary individuals. Improve posture, build stronger back and core, decompress spine, experience back pain relief and live better with Jemetta Hunt, certified Foundation Training teacher, Stott Pilates teacher, Personal Fitness trainer.


Restorative Yoga-Style Stretch

This is a gentle, rejuvenating & deeply relaxing class that uses stillness, breath and stretches.